Saturday, November 05, 2005

Phil Mulloy

Well I am finally back...the virus is still there but I am down from a fever to a Trojan (horse) fug by marauding cowboys of the randy kind! So I thought it would be appropriate to focus on Phil Mulloy. Independent animator and all around film anarchist, Phil Mulloy's black humour and ink will stain your soul. You can view snippits of the Intolerance series on his site and be sure to check out the 'news' section. His films address issues of religious fundamentalism like in the aformentioned series to social issues of consumer culture. But whether, you agree or not with his views, Mulloy's films are always penetrating and bleed with sarcasm and wit. Animation is used as a vehicle for reflective cynicism and thought that crashes head on with dry and sometimes nasty humour. So keep the kids up and glue their eyes open to watch the Wonderful World of Mulloy!

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