Monday, November 28, 2005

Sunday Inspiration: William Kentridge

This is Wunderbar!!! The Deutsche Guggenheim is exhibiting the new work, Black box/Chambre Noir, by William Kentridge. William Kentridge has his feet firmly planted in the art world but hovers into the field of animation. The nature of animation helps him explore the theme of memory and passing time and inversely he rejuvenates and elevates the process itself. Using the charcoal technique he sets about creating and destroying geographical spaces and history's forgotten memories. The monochromatic marks of the charcoal reveal the blur of politics and the smear of social class. His work stands firmly on the shoulders of the German expressionists of the Weimar Republic, i.e. Grosz, Dix, Heckel and Beckman, in both style and theme. William Kentridge's work may border between two disciplines but in the end he enriches both by expanding the narrow view that each hold towards the other and demonstrates the creative force that animation is. I end this weeks focus on a high note and hope that this musical medley of german noise wakes the neighbors!!

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