Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chris Landreth in Toronto

Well, this is the 200th slice of the hydrocephalicbunny pie and what a better way to celebrate than to talk about Chris Landreth. The fantasmosite FPS (go daily and give them your money!) has posted that Oscar winner, Chris Landreth will be talking at the University of Toronto tomorrow (March 23). But don't fret if you can't go as there is going to be a live webcast here: follow the "Looking for a live webcast from KMDI?" and the scheduled panel discussion for Dissolving Boundaries with Chris and crew. I was fortunate enough to attend a masterclass with Chris Landreth before the glory of his Oscar title. It was a slice 'em and dice 'em look into the creation of RYAN. Chris talked about how he had to retrain the animators at Seneca college not to animate pose to pose but to take a more natural anatomical line of action. That is, he showed classic movie clips where the characters dialogue would not be analogous to their body language. He also talked about very technical aspects about modelling the face more according to facial muscle movement and the ways of rigging a character. So, if you can take the time to go and see him I highly recommend it! Here is a good interview with Chris via AnimationTrip. Here is to another 200 posts and getting that outta jail card early:) Oh and I wanted to mention that the Dissolving Boundaries talks include Gunther Von Hagen's Body Wold's exhibit, which I think is a great juxtapose to Chris's film.

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