Monday, March 06, 2006

Congrats to John Canemaker and Aardman

Congratulations to John Canemaker for winning the Academy Award last night for his short film, The Moon and the Son!! I had the pleasure of seeing this film and meeting him last year at the OIAF. A poignant film and a nice guy that gets the nod for top honours. Not only does it shut out the CG films but adds another feather to the cap of animation documentaries that have become a powerful and innovative genre for this medium. Also, a round of Wensleydale for everyone at Aardman for winning the best feature film category. Nick Park and Steve Box pulled this Werebunny out of the hat for a mind tranfering full length version of my favorite duo of crackin' adventure. Side note: Shaun the sheep will be getting his own telee series.

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