Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Nicolas Salis

Today, we explore the inner ticking of Nicolas Salis(fr). When I saw his film La Derniere Minute (The Last Minute) I was taken aback by the cinematic feel of it. The synopsis of the story is about a time altering heist set about by a pair of twins that appear to be in different time frames (past and future). Set in a parallel steampunk world, the ticking of the iconic clock in the middle of the city pulses the punctuality of life. The twins plot to put the proverbial wrench in the cogworks of this omnipresent controller. You can see a clip of it on his site if you go to films section or better yet you can go to Foret Bleue (fx studio) and see a longer clip to get a feel of this 15 minute short.
The Last Minute has a nice CG look and immersive atmospheric quality to it but I think I like the look to his previous film R. Mertonensis which is a live action/digital fx world. This and his other film 'Allegro', is something akin in feel to Jeunet's 'City of Lost Children'. Time is ticking away so run the rat race around the maze to find this fine french cheese waiting for you at the end.

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