Tuesday, March 14, 2006

R.I.P. Walerian Borowczyk

I realize this is a little late in posting but I just want to point attention to the passing of Walerian Borowczyk. I will admit that my encounters with Boro has only come in by way of reading about him and not from seeing his films. But, with that said, anyone that can claim to be the precursor/influence on the likes of Jan Lenica, Jan Svankmajer, Brothers Quay and Terry Gilliam is okay in my books. Here is the article/obit from the NYTimes. Look him up and dig at the mind of this surreal film maker. His films Renaissance (pic above) and the Theatre of Mister and Mrs Kabal are recognized as modern masterpieces of animation. Hopefully, with his passing there will be some exposure and more viewings of his films.

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