Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Badgered and Peurs du Noir

This is some loose hair ends that I have been meaning to put up in an excruciatingly tight pig-tail...
Badgered is a nice animated short done by Sharon Colman . Lots of cool sites have already posted about this Oscar nominated short, but, I just wanted to put this up for all the students that are finishing up their first or second year to show this simple but effective film. It is also nice to have Daniel Greaves as your mentor too! Enjoy.

Okay, another film that has lurked around that is of special interest to me as it crosses both the comix and animation boundaries is Peur(s) du noir. There is now a nice teaser on the site that gives us more of an illumination of this impesta nocte (dead of the night) film. I hop around like a drunk bunny with a small bladder when thinking of this film. With the likes of Blutch, Charles Burns, Lorenzo Mattotti, Dupuy and Berberian contributing to this film how could you not want to wet the bed just like when you were a kid and afraid of the dark. Too bad I'll have to fly to France to see it. Tabernack!

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