Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stephane Ricard and Book of Numbers

Leave it to Fous d'Anim to get the gerbil back on the wheel and spinning convulsively. Stephane Ricard is a new specimen for me to stuff in the jar and label "genus absurdis". For it is on the shelf of dada and surrealism that his animation is set. Tonight when you sleep go and visit his site and let the giant granules of sand lodge themselves in the corners of your eyes.
Also, just a fun Gilliam-esque site is The Book of Numbers. This is done by the dynamic polish duo of Artur Stefanski and Kasia Michalska, a.k.a. Bubblynumbers. Flip the pages on this animated collage fest o' fun while carelessly wasting "the Man's" time and pretending to work on that final report about bottom line profits and other signs of the Apocalypse.

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