Thursday, May 04, 2006

An Tain

Well, it has been a slow circle chase of the tail to get comfortable again in my virtual cage. But, here is something that has dilated my pupils and got the foam to the mouth again...An Tain! Me sheep lovin' mate at Cartoon Saloon, Barry Reynolds, has finally got something for me to show the rest of the class (and not just a rash either). He sent me the pencil sketches for An Tain awhile ago and they looked smash up but now with the added colour by Adrien Merigeau and words by Colmán Ó Raghallaigh it all makes sense now...if ya can read Oirish!
Anyway, go and check out this graphic novel and buy it just for the crackin' art but don't tell Barry that as his heead is big (hydrocephalic) enough. Oh and visit Tomm' blog, The Blog of Kells, to keep up with the round of pints of production of the Saloon's feature film. Snap Craic'in Poop.

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