Wednesday, May 10, 2006


One more slice of the knife and the post-mortem on this cadavre will bring us right up to speed on all things cool. Twitch films puts the chalk marks around Anders Morgenthaler's feature film debut Princess! Here is the synopsis:
The story of August who loses his beloved sister Christina, a former porn star known as The Princess. He adopts Christina's five-year-old daughter Mia. Weighed down by grief and guilt, August breaks down and with Mia in tow, he embarks on a mission of vengeance to erase Christina's pornographic legacy.
It looks sort of like 'The Professional' meets the Movie Channel at midnight. There is an Adult Accompany rating to go here to see the trailor. Leave it to the Danes to manage to pull off a Manga inspired porn action thriller at Cannes. I am sure zee Inspector will luv eet! Now I am caught up and will open the mouth wider to dig at the morsels that I have found lately. Starting tomorrow.

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