Friday, May 19, 2006

Out of Picture

A book that I am looking forward to crack the spine on is Out of Picture! It is a veritable chiropractic exercise of comix creation by artists that met at BlueSky Studios. I normally shy away from the big animation house production but I get tied into knots when I see the personal expression of these unsung animators get printed onto page. Monkeysuit is the first book of this type that I wrestled with. They have soothed readers to the Nazi pain buster of Rex Steele and rubber-armed them to the stylings of Enrico Casarosa's Mia. They too are also having a lauch party @ Mocca, the place to be! Also, E-ville press's Afterworks is another neck-cracker (I said neck!) of a book to check out as they are on their second volume. So, man handle your way to Mocca and message the egos of these fine manipulators of pens and pencils. Just don't forget to breathe.

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