Saturday, May 06, 2006

One man's JUNC is another man's muse

On sifting through the internet space garbage I came upon this morsel from JUNC gallery...
Genevieve Castree and Allison Cole. I first wrote about Genevieve in my first few experimental inquiries here and have been making charts on her rise in the field of comics since. Her drawings have become more detailed, isolated vignettes of dark matter wrapped in warm wool clothing. Uncomfortably silent (wordless) and thought provoking. Genevieve's drawings are then contrasted nicely to the cutout style of Allison Cole. Bright colouring book pictures belie the seven deadly sins that are captured in this series. Allison's work masks the human condition of lust and greed under a rosy pane of glass while playfully waiting for the ball to break it into the shards that lie within. So go and check out this Junc and deviate from the norm. Be sure to look at Genevieve's art (one shown above on my wishlist) @ the Beguiling. Also, while you are there you can view Jordan Crane's exhibit, who is an undying stalwart of indie comix. Drain the red ink out the viens and become one of his minions.

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