Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Suzie Templeton

Blue Monday! What a shitty day...both the fate of job and government was awash in blue today. It is a day I just should of thrown the blankets over me and slept until the next day. I can feel the onset of xenophobia coming on as I live my life only through this digital umbilical cord. Speaking of xenophobia...Suzie Templeton's DOG surmises that soon-to-be existence. She is one of my favorite animators! When I first saw Dog a few years back it was the first time that I felt the need to write the animator to tell her how much I liked this film. Her films capture frail complex emotions that teeter on the edge of darkness but don't let you fall in. You can view her other student short film Stanley @ Atomfilms. Recently, she has worked (or working?) with Channel 4 and Breakthru films to produce a 'darkly comic' version of Prokofiev’s story, Peter and the Wolf. I do know that she was the set builder for Katerina Athanasopoulou's short film, Sweet Salt. This was produced by the ANIMATE! scheme which is another organization in Britain that fosters the independent and experimental voice of animation. Very cool stuff for someone who is staying in for the rest of his life:)

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