Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Clyde Henry Production

I remembered reading about this cool puppet animation duo in Toronto a couple of years back but couldn't recall their names or where I had read it...until now!! Clyde Henry Production are Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski. They do some nice collage work but the best is their quirky and quay-esque animation, especially the Space Channel Idents. They alone are worth a perusal of their website. Unfortunately, there is no text or description and no updates to what they are currently working on. As I can recall from the now sadly defunct LOLA magazine, they had received money to work on a puppet animation that was about interviews with women travelling alone and something and something. Sorry, I can't specifically recall the exact premise but I do remember that Godspeed! You Black Emperor was supposed to be doing the music!! Theoretically, they should be done it by now so if anyone has any info give me a shout. So there ya have it, another worthy specimen to be cleaned, gutted and stuffed for that special spot over the mantle.


Clyde Henry Productions said...

Jeff Hasulo,

Thank you for the interest in our work, and for your kind words.
Presuming that you may still be curious, we have not in fact disappeared, but simply retreated into a relentless hermeticism necessary to produce a twenty minute stop-motion film. It has taken over three years and we are beginning to reemmerge into the world which lies at the bottom of a long, crooked stairway. Ubiquity, you know, is the grace of saints and not of madmen.

Though we've been wrong on this one many times before, Madame Tutli-Putli should be completely finished by this summer, music and all ( which when all said and done will contain a far greater range of talent than the arsenal of that one band ) and exit our hands for a worldwide adventure in festivals.

We'll be happy to keep you posted, provided, of course, that your enthousiasm hasn't gone and waned.

The Clyde Henrys.
Montreal, February 2006.

Anonymous said...

I decided to Google "Clyde Henry" and here I am! My, what a lovely blog you have.

-Nikki the Clyde Henry Intern