Monday, January 02, 2006

From Eh to Zed!

Well another season of ZED is here! Different hosts, format and look starts tomorrow for REAL. The first of this tripart format focuses on documentary film while the CANDID exposes the rest of celluloid strip and finally TUNES is the shake yer frozen tundra ass until the permafrost melts segment (global warming lap dance that'll send 'W'ya back to the Intelligent design drawing board). Help support this show as it exposes the independent, experimental, lo-fi, up n' coming, unglossied, talent that matters. And if you want to you can send in your stuff and contribute to the ever expanding landscape of Zed. A virtual terrain that has a gallery section with over 50,000 uploads of animation, film, music and art for your viewing pleasure. Which leads me to send a shout out to my mates in Ireland. Remembering good times to give this year a good vibe. Cartoon Saloon which I have mentioned before has been doing some great stoof and here is a short film, From Darkness, that you can see in the Zed archives. Me poor lil' orphaned friends Barry and Lorraine helped make...wha' are ya...poor lil' orphans!!! Also, you can see an old interview with the Premier Emir to Canuckistan...John K. So set your VCR or plant yer arse in front of the tellie and watch, discuss and participate in the game of Zed. Tag...Your IT, eh! It's gotta be better than Canadian Idol.

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