Tuesday, January 10, 2006

onedotzero + BBC film network = x(fun)

I know...it's tuesday. What can I say? Midnights sucks. sobsob. Roight! Let's blow the load on the first one then...onedotzero is the equivalent of our Resfest. Travelling festival that showcases the best in innovative motion graphics, animation, film and video. Tell me something new you say...well if you hop, skip and jump over to their site you can see in their entirety some excellent past and present entries brought to you by the BBC film network. Like OIAF winner Hitchcock by Reuben Sutherland or one of my personal favorites Dominic Hailstone's, The Eel, and other gobsmacking goodness. The BBC film nework is a great place to see new spankmeimbritish films that show up and coming talent. Matthew Walker's, Astronauts, is a perfectly good example of wry witty british humour. So shut yer cake hole and get yer arse over to these two fine proprietors of moving images. This should make up for the lack of posts for awhile!

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