Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Matthew Abbiss + Mesh = Cabanon connection

Today is a sleep deprived happy day! I would be a miserable sot were it not for finding Matt Abbiss! He is a comic artist and animator who is a recent grad from the Royal College of Art. Matt's self-published comic is Fidget. You can see some of his paintings, like the one above, on the premiere guide to independent U.K. comix, Bugpowder! Not only does Matt do comix but draws inpiration from them as you can see in his short film INVASION! It is adapted from Tom Gauld 's comic (of Cabanon Press). This short was produced for Channel 4 under the MESH scheme. I will be delving more into this program as there have been so many careers launched under this masthead. But before that there is still more of Matt to be seen...well I don't know about 'that' but you can see another of his short animations, Bus Stop! I am too tired to actually think critically of his stuff but when I saw Invasion it really picked me up with the pure power of tradition animation combined with the current political relevance that it has. Plus all the connections to the underground comix scene and the animation crowd makes Matt a young influential player in the U.K.'s output of new and exciting talent. Now this Bunny has to get to bed! Enjoy.

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