Sunday, January 08, 2006

Animation Pimp

Before I start on the British animation scene I just want to mention that the Animation pimp, aka Chris Robinson, has skipped town with his whorring money and is now excavating other mine fields. Chris has now started an ongoing series called Animators Unearthed at AWN and he starts things off with Bruce Alcock (which we highlighted here on the bigheaded bunny). So I wish him luck on his new endeavors and thank him for the many years of the Pimp columns that exposed the raw, wounded, philosophical, bitter tasting saltiness of animation and his life (which extended to ours) within it. Ahhhh, fug now I am getting weepy! Watch out for the collected edition of his articles to be published sometime in the near future. I have to go on the graveyard shift this week so pardon the more than usual grammatical errors.
Sunday inspiration will be tomorrow and the British invasion will start...

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