Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Big Snit

Lately, I have been feeling a growing numbness with animation. This is about the fourth time I am trying to write this post. I have been struggling to look for the high point words in the line of eeee's before me. It is like I am trying to make some sort of sound that audibly hurts when heard. But unfortunately, I keep on hitting the snooze button too many times.
This enigma when sawed in half is a search for Richard Condie. Despite the shaking of my eyes at the animation industry growing more irritating daily, I found some sort of happiness amongst this 'trademarked nuclear war(tm)' of commercial proportions. A calm in the bulging eyecandy fx storm, if you will, that has brought a zen like peace to my mind. Yesterday, we were having dinner at a friends house when someone asked 'what is Richard Condie up to?, then all of a sudden people started launching into their favorite part of the Big Snit and Getting Started. Here were young and old alike pantomiming the pantomimed hilarity of these classic short films. Seeing people laughing and reciting lines was like a rush of blood to the numbness of my phantom animation limb. The Big Snit was a huge influence on me and my spasmatic relationship with animation. Richard Condie gives that pins and needles sensation and reminds me of what animation is about. Humour, poignancy and human imperfections that makes the Big Snit memorable 20 friggin' years later! His career spans 30 years as an independent animator and his other films warrant merit also but it is because of the Big Snit that I am still biting at the t.v. cord! Where are you Richard Condie? Thank you for your films and those great off-screen sound effects. Now I will shut up and eat my Carrost:)

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Jenny said...

Have you ever seen "Getting Started"? I believe it's by Condie and is just....hilarious. No surprise.