Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chester Brown

Stop the genetically modified press!! Hitch a ride on the nearest tornado to get yourself to Oz as the great wizard of comix is going to pull back the curtain to reveal the secrets of his craft. That's right, Chester Brown is the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library and from April 3-June 23 you can send in your manuscript or meet with the man himself to learn the how-to's of creating comix. Here are the guidelines. Limited space is available so send those masterpieces of flaming skulls and warrior munchkins in for a front row seat for this rare oppurtunity to meet with the giant floating head of Chester Brown! Actually, he is a nice guy with a quiet demeanor. If you don't own any of Chester's books there is hope as the Emerald City of the Beguiling has the ruby red slippers for you. I recommend Louis Riel for quick access but for the devotee, pick up D+Q's reissueing of Ed the Happy Clown!
p.s. put your vote in for the Shuster awards (don't worry there is no Harper connection to this one)


Michael said...

Hi Jeff. First of all I love your blog.
Secondly I could do with a wee bit of your advice. I'm the webmaster of the London Socialist Film Coop blog. The LSFC are showing Phil Mulloy's "Give Us This Day" in April and recall you giving him a mention a while ago. I'm damned if I can find anything online that could give readers any useful information on Phil Mulloy or Give Us This Day -any suggestions? Obviously I will give you all credit for your contributions/advice. Bests, Michael.

jeff said...

Hey Michael! The best resource that I know of is the BFI.

You will be able to view the clips also where I can not. It has some good articles on him, i.e. Richard Meltzer. I know there has been alot of retrospectives of his work lately...Future film festival and Flickerfest in Australia. ARTE tv has some links and an article. Also, an interview with him from ED distribution...Mondo Mulloy. Finally, Chris Robinson has written about Phil but I can't find that on the net but if you go to and look under Animation Pimp maybe you can find something. AWN has a nice gallery section of his work also! Hope that helps.


jeff said...

For people in Montreal or Quebec, there is going to be a retrospective of Phil Mulloy's work shown March 18th and 22nd. Go to for more info!!

Michael said...

Thanks very much for the info Jeff. I'm so surprised at how little information there is about Mulloy online.