Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sonia Bridge

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I am preoccupied with everyday shananigans. Blarh!
Anyway, here is an oldie but goodie I had sitting in my folder...Sonia Bridge. Her 'Post Mark Lick' is a shortfilm that you want to write home about. It is kind of ironic that my 'new' computer died and I have had to go back to my old stand-by to keep the digital umbilical cord attached that I have been reconnected to some older films that I had bookmarked from years past. I can't remember if I saw this in an Royal College of Art demo reel or on it's own. Nevertheless, I was struck by it's saturated colours and collage effects that are all done the old fashioned way of celluloid manipulation (no CG here). Just the alchemical process of film and the projection of light that transforms this simple object into the greater sum of it's parts. A shout out to a fellow Canadian and just wondering what she is up to now?? On that note or I should say mark...I am going to Toronto to take in the newest Quay film, so, I will catch up with things on Friday.

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If you google her name you'll find her portfolio website: