Thursday, May 11, 2006

Guilherme Marcondes Part Grrrr!

Early this morning I believed I awoke to haphazardly check my email only to find a nice notice by Guilherme Marcondes alerting me to his newest animation burning bright on the screen. "Tyger" is an urban jungle romp through the hyghways and byways of Sao Paulo using a clever use of photography, puppets and animation. In a semi-awakened state I half dreamt this beautiful short that shows the ferocious leaps and bounds that Guilherme's talent has improved to tackle this project. The black and white characters that transform into various creatures in the wake of the Tyger was designed by Samuel Casal (great stuff) and the animation was done by Birdo Studios. The amazing puppet of the Tyger was made by João Grembecki and I love the fact the puppeteers were included like ninjas that stalked the city manipulating the predator and giving it life. The city (like Detroit) is reclaimed to nature with every passing stride and we become the prey in the shadow of this luminous beast. As I have said before, the oven of Brazillian animation, like this one, is on red hot and searing itself to the flesh of this innovative digital body of work that has become it's feeding ground. Thanx Guilherme!


Anonymous said...

definitely enjoying your blog more than my old usual CartoonBrew. Keep up the great work!!!!

Das Brick said...

Bless my shorts, HCB! A great find and a really well-written review too! I love TYGER and now I will have to go live in Brazil. Sigh