Monday, May 22, 2006

Regina Pessoa

Well, may a horse kick me up the arse and lodge a horseshoe up there as maybe that would give me some luck. My bleedin' computer is acting up again and that is why there has been sparse leaves to chew on from the bigheaded bunny patch. So this is just a quick post before radiation treatment on the hard drive. Maybe there will be a happy ending to this if you watch Regina Pessoa's short! Tragic Story with a Happy Ending can be seen on Arte France and received a Special Jury prize @ this year's ANIFEST! I haven't experienced the short with sound but the film itself gouges into visual terrain. The style magnifies the tragedy while Regina's design and camera moves us through the grain of the story to come out on the mossy side of the tree. Enjoy. I will have more from the Anifest when I have excavated the downfall of my civilization. Trojan horse fugged again!

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Germán said...

That film was GOOD. I was in Anifest ,too. Believe the sound really adds to the film. Ill just say one name Norman Rogers