Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Barry Purves

Now for the Master of puppet prestigitation...Barry Purves! Barry Purves's work reminds me of Ronnie Burkett's plays only animated. Barry's style is a distictive mark in the world of animation that takes the artform into the realm of theater, mythology and opera. He explores mature themes of eroticism, tragedy, jealousy and biopic joie de vivre. His films have received multiple awards and him name has become synonymous with puppet animation. Mars Attacks was one of his first forays into Hollywood and has gone on to help out with LOTR trilogy and the recent King Kong. If this does not impress enough, childhood memories will come rushing back when I mention he worked on The Wind in the Willows for Cosgrove Hall. Barry is a true master of his craft and he inspires new generations to the tactile intimate art of puppet animation.

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