Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dan Sousa

Here is my find of the week! Fable, by Dan Sousa is one of those films that will draw you in with its beautiful look and leave you wanting more at the end. A gorgeous speechless film that utilizes the visual elements of animation to delve into and explore this archetypal story of fable. Mythos and legend are what seems to drive Dan's films as you can see in his earlier film, Minotaur. You can view snippets of both on his website. He also belongs to Handcranked films, which is Jake Mahaffy,Jeff Sias and Bryan Papciak, along with Dan that make up this collective of independent experimental film makers. Nice site that shows off each artists work. So watch Fable and if the wallpaper starts moving it isn't because you drank too much.

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