Thursday, December 01, 2005

Belle Mallor

Here I am posting bad pictures of unidentifiable clay heads when I should be posting this!! Belle Mallor is a 'still wet behind the ears' grad out of the Royal College of Arts masters program. Nice illustrative style combined with imaginative characters that remind me of the Medieval view of people from foreign lands, i.e. the South Africans who have just one giant foot for which they use to shade themselves with in the hot sun. Only Belle's inhabit the water as you can see in her graduate film, Sleep with the Fishes. A world that originates from a stream of urine from a bizarre character is rendered in a languid watercolour quality that fills and overflows with surreal melancholy. There are these Bruegelian scenes of rowers defacating other rowers and torture boats that whip you as you go. All in all my kind of film!
thanks to L'asile des fous d'animation for the link!

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