Sunday, December 18, 2005

Brokeback Molehill

Here is a nice collage animated piece by London Squared production, The Back Brace. It is from a husband and wife duo living and working in New York. You can see all of their work on the site, which consists of claymation, collage and various DIY animation techniques. Humour and smart writing is the "backbone" of their films. They combine this with whatever style matches up with the story to create unique look all their own.
Another short film, Backbone Tale. A nice site that As far as the eye can see beat me to! Evil! It is a film by Jeremy Clapin and it is an intriguing film about a man who has a neck condition where he can only look down and a woman with the opposite condition of only being able to look up. Unfortunately, you can only see a snippet of it so you will only be able to crack the plot twist of this star-crossed love story at either a festival or by ordering a copy. Make sure you do some stretches and limber up before hunching over your monitor to enjoy these two films.

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