Friday, December 16, 2005

A-Haa! Great Idea

Animation Archive Biopedia! This soon-to be expanding catalogue is about the PEOPLE behind the magic curtain of animation. But, unlike sea monkeys it needs volunteers like YOU to make it grow into the brain-child that it could be (not cloudy water after you had sent away your allowance to some ad address from your favorite comic book...stoopid sea monkeys). This is brought to you by the good folks at ASIFA-Hollywood's Animation archive, who is doing a bang up, crash-em up job to advance, expose, and perserve the creative and production history of animation. So as Stephen Worth the director of the archive asks..."We invite you to submit information on these people. Spend a few hours searching the web or scanning through an animation book to find information on your favorite animator, director or voice artist. Go to the library and look for references to them in magazines or newspapers. Assemble the information and submit it through the comments link at the bottom of that person's page. We will compile all of the submissions and add them to the Biopedia for the whole world to read."
So go my big-headed monkeys...deploy, gather and pull back the curtain to reveal the real faces that have contributed to the world of animation and have given so much. Now it is their turn for the exposure and respect from us!

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