Friday, December 09, 2005

Bruce Alcock & Global Mechanic

Well Dan Sousa will segway nicely into Global Mechanic, which is another studio Dan is apart of. Global Mechanic is an animation house that does commercial work and is the creation of Ann marie Fleming and Bruce Alcock.
Bruce's latest short film, At the Quinte Hotel, is a tour de force tribute to poet Al Purdy. Here is a good write up of it at AWN. Bruce uses every type of animation technique, ranging from stop-motion, oil on paper to paper cut out. This film is a definate feast for the eyes with cigarette ash and a whiskey chaser. The boiling line of the drawings mix well with the narrating Purdy who you can picture sitting on a bar stool telling this tale in gravel throated, gum smacked semi-inebriation. Unfortunately, I am not a sensitive man...

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