Saturday, December 10, 2005

Craig Thompson

I realize that I have been posting alot of euro comix stuff and so I want to try and balance things out by showing some of N.A.'s top comic talents. I start off with my favorite, Craig Thompson. Ironically, when I started looking for pictures for this post I found these pics of Craig doing a live drawing dating back one year ago to the day. I picked up Craig's, Carnet de Voyage, early this year and was blown away at how much better his artwork has gotten from Goodbye Chunky Rice. I mean the art and story of Blankets is great, don't get me wrong but you can really see the spontaneity of his brush and quality of proportion and line in Carnet. Habibi is his forthcoming book that will be published by Pantheon and is one of the gems I am looking forward to for next year. In my worthless opinion, Craig Thompson is in my top five of comix creators right now. Go ahead and bite the apple...who needs the Garden of Eden when you can frolic in the dootdoot gardens!!

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