Friday, December 23, 2005

Fran Krause

Wahoo! Early present to you from moi is the site of Fran Krause. I have seen Fran's work evolve from his student film, Mr. Smile to Utica zoo pilot and now Moonraker! All of which you can see on his site. Sit down over the holidays and enjoy these films, share them with friends or pets or dressed-up objects and you too can become a connoisseur of Krause. But remember animators need to eat too. So BUY Avoid Eye Contact now which has Moonraker on it plus lots of crazy other animation that looks good on your t.v. or as a tattoo. Tip: you return the ugly ass tie or Christopher Hart's how not to draw book and take the cash and get this dvd. Finally, I see Fran's latest project is in collaboration with the lovely and talented Sarah van den Boom (who has been put on display here in the curiosity cabinet of HCB). Nice stuff!! Well only 2 days left before food frenzy, dysfunctionality and heartburn ensues. Please pass the bowl of denial.

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