Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Erica Russell

Movement, line, rhythm and dance all describe the beautiful work of Erica Russell. I first saw her work in an intro animation class and almost cried when seeing the pure abstractness of figural movement come alive. It was the same sort of feeling when I saw Ryan Larkin's, Walking, for the first time. It is the essence of art and observation alchemically transforming human motion into a state of pure visual joy. Erica started her career in Richard William's studio and was taken under the wing of animator emeritus, Art Babbit. She went on to work for famed illustrator Geralde Scarfe before openning up her own studio, Eyeworks. You can see her film, Triangle, which was nominated for an Oscar on her site and some of her commercial work. You should sit back and savour the taste of delight as the organic movement of gestural line dances on your tongue.

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mella said...

There's a complex inter-relationships between the geometrical patterns on the screen, and the symmetries of colours Rusells uses.