Saturday, January 21, 2006

French Connection

676 Apparitions of Killoffer by Patrice Killoffer is one of my favorite graphic novels of last year. I bought the original french version but the people at Typocrat translated it last year as I posted back in October of last year (here). There is now an interview with the man himself or his dopplegangers on the site. This book is a high recommendation on the bigheaded bunny list. While I am on the BD scene, I saw that Anima 2006 in Belgium is going to have an exhibition of the forthcoming FEATURE film by none other than...hold yer breathe ben...Nicolas de Crécy! It is called L'orgue de Barbarie (pic below) and the exhibition shows pre-production sketches, storyboards and concept drawings of this (well mine) highly anticipated film. Look at some of the pages of his most recent book, Ice Age (Futuropolis).


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Thought you'd like that! Go check out the recent one on EGil!! If ever I am in Boston we should go out for a beer.