Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kevin Huizenga

I know that comix has taken a backseat to animation as of late but in my defense the local stores here only carry the 'capes and tights' kind and the indie stuff is relegated to 'weirdos and fags' (a direct quote). I recently broke down and ordered some stuff from a new comic shop in town (as my getting up to the Beguiling isn't going to happen any time soon) and they got in Ivan Brunetti's Schizo #4 for me. Top notch stuff! Even the people there were impressed with it and admitted they had never seen a comic that size before! They have never heard of Chris Ware!! Anyway, I digress and the reason for this post is to point your attention and wallet to Kevin Huizenga's ,Ganges #1. It is part of the the 'Ignatz' series from Fantagraphics and Coconino Press as was highlighted here months ago. Just go and read the sample story, Time Travelling, and you'll understand why Kevin is one of the artists chosen for this international showcase. Kevin's clean linear style compliments his thoughtful 'slice of life' stories that are shaped by his clear understanding of the comic medium. Go, buy, read and reread this rising star on the 'weirdo and fag' scene of alt comic culture. Hulk SMASH!...go play with your 'action figure'!
If you find yourself in T.O. on Feb. 22/06 you can meet Kevin along with Anders Nilsen and Sammy Harkham!

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fishbaitkate said...

Awesome, I just got a book from the library last week with some of Sammy Harkham's stuff in it. It was called..Uhm, oh, Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Three, I think. Neat.