Monday, December 12, 2005


I would like to formally give a shout out to Das Brick! His blog As far as the Eye can see is a fantasmaliscious site! It is the evil twin brother to HCB but we will rock, paper, scissor for the most Eeevil title. Speaking of puppets, Afat'i'c'C' points out Quintron. It is a cool site with insane puppets that will rock yer socks off and then come alive and do a lil' play for you. Check out Quintron and Das Brick but be sure to like me better as I am the most Eeevil although nearsighted.

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Das Brick said...

Great tip there! I checked out Das Brick and I thought he was pretty funny. I Laffed! But I still like hydrocephalicbunny better. Quintron is flippin' great in concert too!!! Go see him.