Thursday, December 01, 2005

Something in the wine part deux!

Wow L'asile des fous d'animation is on fire! They just posted 2 stunning new shorts from that college formidable, Supinfocom! The first one is EGO, by Louis Blaise, Thomas Lagache et Bastien Roger. A look behind the 'mirror' turns into a psychotic race against entropy. Take a gander here. Again, I will say there must be something in the wine as this college is putting out some of the best student CG films. The other film is 90 degrees by Jules Anaud, Raphaël Martinez-Bachel et François Roisin. Unfortunately, I can't see the movie when it plays but on just the images of the film it looks like I will never make the movie I want as everyone else is making it for me! So I will have another glass and see if my theory is correct...if not the other result is good too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

90° is my best 2005 supinfocom valenciennes short film!

congratulation to the filmmakers!