Saturday, December 31, 2005


I dunno how this lil' gem slipped between my greedy paws but here I is at the pawn shop hawkin' it as the last vestige of this 12 paged flipbook. Verabee, aka Vera Brosgol, is a grad of Sheridan and where you can see her final project Sno-bo. She made it with her roommate Jenn Kluska and has won a Nelvana "best film" prize. YEah. So this concludes this years test of the hydrocephalic broadcast system...see you on the first box of that Spongebob calendar.

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not-so-good fishbait said...

oh my, yes! I remember this. My buddy Jon sent it to me a while back, but i guess i forgot to send it your way. Golly gee, i guess i'm failing to meet my duties as fishbaitkate.