Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bookfest and Harvey Pekar

Yes, that is right! Harvey Pekar and his wife Joyce Brabner are coming to our lil' Bookfest. They will be giving a talk at the A.G.W. on Saturday, November 4th, starting at 2pm! Be there or send yourself a Harv-e-card to explain why your sorry ass isn't there. I can't help but think that it is more than just chance afoot here: 1) Harvey resides in Cleveland--industrial city just like my own auto belching city, 2) Spent his life as menial filing clerk just like me on the factory line, 3) He is a curmudgeon just like moi (see post below). Maybe there is hope for me after all. Although I will have to befriend a sex-crazed artistic god like Robert Crumb to help bring into focus this craphole life of mine! I've gotta good start tho':) Just have to work on the voice. The talk will be in a small room so you will be able to feel his gravelly voice in your chest so come early as seats are limited.
Get your fill on all things happening in Windsor via the VOICE OF WINDSOR-SOR-OR-R!! That's as special as we get for special FX!

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