Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fish Heads Fugue and Other Tales of Twilight

The french might have the wine and cheese but gimme some beer and chowder to go with my Fishheads Fugue and Other Tales of Twilight. This short animation was cooked up by Lauren Indovina and Lindsay Mayer-Beug at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was a highlight for me at the OIAF two years ago. It was in Program 1 on opening night and I found it scrawled in my notes for me to go and find more about it. Well, here it is for all to see! It is a piece that is set into motion by old lady puppet on a stage winding up our puppet theater to then witness the inner musings of a smaller internal puppet play. The mixture of various techniques gives texture and a nice disjointed quality that shifts and creeks it's way around the subconscious set. A child's dream? or a dark Gilliam-esque dreamscape that has no place for innocence? Either one, it is an impressive student film that sets the stage for other schools to step up to. (Thanx, No Fat Clips!)

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