Thursday, November 16, 2006

Toon In!

This is very cool! Tee Bosustow is producing a radio program, Toon the Masters of Animation! The signal will be sent every Sunday at 7:30am (adjust timezone watches accordingly) starting November 26th. KCLA fm will be the mothership that will beam down that signal to brainwash us all into animation zombies!!! Although if you miss that ship then you can always drag, lurch and decay your undead self to the Toon In website to eat at the brain trough at your own leisure. The initial broadcast will feature the chattering teeth of Tim Roth with future probing guests being Mark Kausler, David Evans, Joe Siracusa, Barri Leiva and many more. Thanx to Maureen Furniss at the Animation Journal for passing this on!

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