Monday, November 13, 2006


Everyone should know by now that I am an admirer of the student films that come out of the French school, Supinfocom! If I could go back to school to learn computer animation it would be here, mind you that they have an age restriction so I would have to turn back the clock and grow back some hair! Zut Alors!! Anyway, while I work on that time machine the good folks at Fous D'Anim (well I presume they are good lil' devils) have put the needle into the 2006 groove of this year's short films. We have already let you float in zee alphabet soupe of AH! Now, dry yourself off and danse, En Tus Brazos (shown above), your way through Valenciennnes all the way to Arles! Your feet will burn up the discotheque floor and take until Saturday night fever to watch and learn the award winning steps of this bump and grind school! In just a short period of time Supinfocom has x-y and zed it's way onto the international stage and competes with the best of them in creativity and film sensibility. While you are getting down with your CG "partner"--'freaks'-- be sure to thank the good lil' devils at Fous D'anim!!!

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