Monday, November 20, 2006

Wicked Pixels

I just wanted to throw this Ident for Musica from Wicked Pixels studio (South Africa). One Bad Note (via YouTube) uses the music of Metallica, Enter the Sandman, and I thought it was a cool tie-in with Paul Barry's short film. Cheesy, yes, but I was trying to look up some stuff about Chuck Jones today and remembered his short called High Note. I would think that Craig Wessels (dir. of One Bad Note) has seen this cartoon and I thought how great that this idea could be updated into this day and age. But then, I thought how sad that in this day and age it is a commercial and every idea has to branded to a corporate logo. Too bad it wasn't a short film unto itself rather than just visual eye candy and humping F and G notes. Taken for what it is though, it rocks!

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slowtiger said...

However, even Chuck Jones was not the inventor of that. Notes with personality show up as early as 1840 in Gustave Dorè's "History of Russia".