Thursday, November 02, 2006

Friendly P.S.A.'s

Free Range Graphics are the people that brought about the beginning of the Meatrix and the Meatrix II: the Revolting. Now comes their newest adventure, Sam Spud and the Case of PVC. I saw this posted today and thought it would make a nice segway into a couple of other P.S.A.'s that I have seen recently.
Do tell...

This one can be seen circulating around about global warming, The Trees Are Dying. Click3X and MTV are the tentacles w'rap'ped around this public service announcement that doubles as a video for Dr. Octogon! Nice to see some outreach to the young'ins, although the 3 minutes was too much for my attention span.

And the best for last, Humans! This is STASH's Global Student Awards animation winner by the other multi-appendaged studio of Three Legged Legs. This little ditty short sings a song against over-consumption. One of my favorites of the year. Now go and buy it!! Kidding.

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