Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yuri Norstein

My friends (yo, M&M und Katie) and I sat around on Friday evening watching some Russian animation on YouTube. There is some great stuff to see, As Far as the Eye Can See (Das Brick ruleski), on the web that is now available for your vodka libations. With that, I can't mention Russian animation without exposing and sharing the Mastery of Yuri Norstein. You can see one of his masterpieces on YouTube, Igel im Nebel (Hedgehog in the Fog, 1975) but it would be better as a Holiday present if you got the full DVD retrospective of his work along with Claire Kitson's excellent book on him (my pick #1). Yuri is definately in my pantheon of animation gods and I am sure you will be able to tell why after viewing this film. So, gather around with friends and shots of vodka with slabs of bread, cheese and eggs to share good food, good company and best of all great animation!! This one is for my friend Margaret as it is her birthday today, С днем рождения!!


Das Brick said...

Yuri Norstein makes me feel like a wooden pail full of gold coins. On a rocket. Full of vodka. As a matter of fact, I'm going to turn my PC off right now and go watch some YN.

Josh Parpan said...

We got to see some footage from Yuri Norstein’s new project last semester in Igor Kovalyov’s class(CalArts). He's apparently been working on it since the early 1980's. It's much more intricate and has a depth than goes way beyond his older work. Characters seem to be split into hundreds of seperate little peices. Igor wasn't sure when it was going to be finished, It sounded like it could be a while..

margaret said...

Thank you, Jeffy Jeff, i'm off to view the Norstein stuff,and hopefully there are no bears and rabbits...

Esn said...


What in the fracking legions of toad-peckered-centipedes is that supposed to mean?

Its Russian name is "yozhik v tumanye"; "Igel in Nebel" is an absolutely meaningless collection of words.

BTW, Kihachiro Kawamoto told me at this year's OIAF that Norshteyn is being funded by Suzuki (head of Ghibli) until the end of 2007. Konstantin Bronzit was also pretty optimistic when I asked him about "The Overcoat". Here's a wikipedia page that I made for it, by the way:

jeff said...

I don't know why 'IGEL IM NEBEL' was used but I know I found the link through an inactive website and there isn't any other Norstein's up. I am just glad I got my fix before getting the Claire Kitson book and DVD (for myself).

Thanks for the update Josh and ESN! I've heard rumours about how the 'Overcoat' was coming but nothing furlined. I am jealous that you got to see part of it Josh! Maybe I will come to CalArts and I can sneak into Igor's class:)