Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bradford Animation Festival '06

The Bradford Animation Festival starts today! I am such an idiot for not scrimpin' together enough coins to go to this. It has a nice selection of films this year, some of which have been highlighted on the bigheaded screen, but, I should of gone just for the special guests alone! I mean kicking off today is Joanna Quinn in conversation with Barry Purves. It doesn't get any better than this...well maybe if you threw in some Jell-o...but other than that! To top that off you have Dave Burgess next to Andreas Hykade, Chris Shephard and Marc Craste!! Eeejit I tell ya!! If Suzie Templeton would of showed up, one would have died and gone to some animation Limbo party!! Please for the love of some giant headed bunny gods (there's gotta be more than one of them...they're rabbits), if you are in Europe, jump in yer wee cars and drive hither and yon to get to this festival...and ah(buy me a shirt)em.


Das Brick said...

O glory... would that I could sit in on this festival. Marc Craste is in my pantheon of heroes.

I love yer animation updates. Where do you find this stuff? Keep bringing us ignorami the REAL DEAL from CANADA!!!


jeff said...

Moi, aussi! Marc is the shizzle stick in my cranial martini.

I get all my stuff from the links at the side. I don't try and hide where my sources are from.

Anyway, I love your site too Das! I saw Science of Sleep the other week and thought of your blog. Gondry and great Russian animation is what I associate with you. Good company!!